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all manufactured by ourselves - as we do since 1993

SOUTH Wrap reliable wraps coins of almost every currency. It is used in banks, cash centers, central banks, mints, entertainment parks and gaming to pack rolls professionally.
SOUTH-Packing system
SOUTH-Packing system reliably packs larger amount of coin rolls into plastic blisters. Depending on the configuration, the system can be operated with 1 - 4 coin wrappers.
Modular Cash Center System for central coin processing
Cash handling requires flexibility. The available space, coin volume, logistical factors as well as characteristics of coins to be processed are important criteria for the right configuration of the system, and all those criteria can change over time.

Our coin lines offer the flexibility to adjust to such changes with the smallest possible financial effort, without losing efficiency or ergonomics.
SOUTH-Lift coin
Small footprint, a speed of up to 8,000 coins per minute, interfacing with most professional equipment in the market and 2 different sizes of containers allow SOUTH-Lift coin to improve efficiency in cash operations of any size.
SOUTH-Lift coin roll
SOUTH-Lift coin roll transports coin rolls from a coin wrapper to an ergonomic height so that they can be further packed into plastic blisters or cartons.
CMX40 system version
With proven coin detection, a speed of up to 2,300 coins per minute, automatic feeding and a large hopper capacity CMX40 offers more than any other machines in it’s class. CMX40 is suitable for medium and small cash centers but also affordable for other location which have to handle a lot of coins.